Friday, March 9, 2012

I had the distinct pleasure of attending a gallery stroll for a 6 year-old boy the other day. We had been invited by his father, who collects art, to see his son's exhibit. They had scheduled a local small gallery in one of our malls and we arrived to see the art that Nathan had created. I guess I went on the assumption that the reason for the stroll was because there was an amazing 6 year-old artist. He ended up being much more than just amazing. His art was the art of a 6 year-old child. However, his thought processes, his explanations, and the creativity he displayed through his art were the most incredible things of all. He was dressed in a suit, his art was arranged in a fabulous array of displays, and there were even refreshments. I was astounded by the planning and preparations that his family had gone through to produce a wonderful evening. Nathan was elated and played the part of an amazing host. As I was watching this scene unfold in the gallery I thought how fortunate he was to have a family who makes such a great effort to support his interests and budding talent. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every 6 year-old child could feel that level of support, encouragement, and love. It did make me start thinking about what else I can do to support my grandchildren....

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