Friday, September 21, 2012

Facebook and Twitter: Make Communication and Start-up Business Easier

Facebook and Twitter: Make Communication and Start-up Business Easier
It is really a commonplace for people to use facebook and twitter these days due to the development of internet. The existence of Internet colorizes people’s daily life in different ways. Firstly it enriches people’s way of entertaining. In old days, people didn’t have many ways to relax and refresh themselves. What they only could do was to talking and laughing with their old friends. Later, with the appearance of television, people have wider ways to get the information they want from the real world. Now, due to the development of Internet people far away from each other could still get in touch by different kinds of online chatting tools and social networking websites. And it also improves the relationship between parents and children. I will take myself as an example.

 When there was no internet, the way I used to record the highs and lows of the day is to write diaries. By writing diaries on the notebook, I could express my feeling bluntly. But I will keep them as secrets from my parents. Because At the age of 16, I started to aware the concept of privacy and I try to leave myself alone in a separate space. Therefore, the chances of communication between my parents and I are reduced, even if my parents try to understand me more substantially. But after the appearance of the Internet, I started to write blogs and add faces book and twitter fans and have a desire to share my own life to others, as the process of sharing is becoming more and more common for people in different backgrounds. Finally, one day I add my parents to facebook and twitter.

  In addition the social networking website such as twitter and facebook open the world of start-up business for me. When I went to college in the year 2009, I decided to start my own business, because I have realized that my dream is to be an entrepreneur in the future, I started my online shop with high ambition. But there is an old says goes that it is easy to open a shop, but hard to keep it open. I found quickly that there were not many clients to come to my online shop. I was very anxious those days. Then I heard one of my friends’ advices. She is very good and brain-storming and planning. She suggests me to buy twitter follower and buy facebook likes to support my business. According to investigation, when composing and posting, many people don't think about how many people might see their updates, which means sometimes people don’t know how influential their words are.  The more people pay attention to your updates, the more successful your business will be. So it is necessary to get more facebook fans and increase twitter followers to keep your business going. After buying some targeted fans on facebook and twitter, I found that the browse volume is larger in my online shop and the credibility in my online shop is much higher, and combined with some promotion activities, I finally keep my online shop open steadily.  


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